Roberto Martinez explains why he already calls Yari Verschaeren – All football


Roberto Martinez surprised his world by selecting Yari Verschaeren from the Devils after his first year as a professional. The Anderlecht player, aged 18, only played the Euro with the Espoirs.

The choice may seem surprising when we know that Verschaeren plays in an Anderlecht that does not work. "It's also to make it better," said Roberto Martinez. "He has to make a real challenge in his club, but he does not collapse, he is very mature and calm, if there were any doubts, quite the contrary, he reminds me of Yuri Tielemans, who was also ready now, we'll see how ready he is. "

Mature talent

Verschaeren will already taste team A despite his 18 years. "We do not measure a player by his age, but by his talent.Yari is important to his team and it was already the case of all his youth teams.This is a good opportunity to bring him in now."

"It will be interesting to see a young 18 year old among those who already have more than 100 caps, and Belgian football as a whole must be happy to find such a talent, and it is also fantastic. a future ambassador for Belgian football, "Martinez concluded.

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