Right and far right denounce stunt to nuclear research


The environmentalists have welcomed the abandonment of the Astrid fast neutron reactor project.

By Nabil Wakim Posted yesterday at 21h23

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After the revelations of WorldOn Thursday, August 29, as regards the ceaseless abandonment of research on the Astrid project and the fourth generation of nuclear reactors, the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission (CEA) acknowledged that "The construction of the prototype reactor (Was) not programmed in the short or medium term ". " In the current energy context, the prospect of industrial development of fourth-generation reactors is no longer considered before the second half of this century., the statement said, adding that "The research continues" in this area, without further details.

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This situation had been anticipated by actors of the sector for several months, and aroused the disapproval of the support of the nuclear industry. The chairman of the group Republicans (LR) in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau, denounced in a statement "A fault, ecological, strategic and political", and accuses the government of giving up "Ayatollahs of regressive and decreasing ecology". The Deputy of Haut-Rhin (LR) Raphaël Schellenberger criticized a "A true renunciation of a nuclear energy ambition", highlighting the lack of information of parliamentarians on this subject.

Marine Le Pen, President of the National Gathering (RN), also denounced "An economic, technological and ecological crime". His former number two, Florian Philippot, who left the RN, called on President Emmanuel Macron: "You must intervene and come back on this very serious decision for our industrial interests, our strategic independence and ecology", he said on Twitter.

"Yippee! "

On the other hand, nuclear opponents welcomed this stopping of French research in the field. "Seven hundred and thirty-eight million euros of public money that add to the billion atomized in the nuclear bankruptcy. Imagine technological leaps – and jobs! – that these public funds would have generated in renewables! ", has launched the MEP Europe Ecology-The Greens Yannick Jadot. "The end of a myth: the fourth-generation nuclear reactor project is finally abandoned. With the Flamanville EPR fiasco (third generation), nuclear power is a stalemate ", rejoices also Greenpeace France, while the network Sortir du nucléaire has published a very explicit "Yippee! " sure his Twitter account.

In the parliamentary majority, MPs Barbara Pompili (Somme) and Emilie Cariou (Meuse) of the Republic en marche (LRM) emphasized the consequences that this abandonment could have for radioactive materials, notably the depleted uranium and the plutonium available to the country. The Astrid project was indeed supposed to turn these nowadays unused and theoretically reusable materials into fuel. With the abandonment of the sector, they risk falling into the category of "waste", for which no solution is provided.

"The abandonment of the Astrid project confirms the end of the myth of "closed cycle" infinitely nuclear material. Reprocessing, MOX, plutonium … now is the time to draw all the political consequences ", also stressed the nuclear critical expert Yves Marignac.

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