Residents risk fines for "slow down" signs


When Brampton city councilor Charmaine Williams met a mother who lost a son to a car that was driving too fast, she agreed that something had to be done.

<q data-attributes = "{" lang ": {" value ":" fr "," label ":" French "}," value ": {" html ":" I said: "You know what? We have to do something and we all have to start acting "", "text": "I said," You know what? We have to do something and we all have to start acting ""}} "lang =" en ">I said, "You know what? We must do something and we must all start acting "reported the city councilor of quarters 7 and 8.

The idea was simple: a "slow down" sign that residents could plant on their lawn.

a man in front of his house.

Bob Beland, a Brampton resident, says he is honored regularly for keeping the speed limit.

Photo: CBC / Martin Trainor

But what seemed like a good idea is actually not allowed by Brampton's signage bylaws, which residents discovered when enforcement officers came to remove them.

It's disgustinglamented resident Bob Beland, adding that he is regularly honked to meet the speed limit. We had the signs of slowing down in this street and the city kidnapped themhe regrets.

Children are in danger, adults are in danger, seniors are in danger … I just want people to slow down.

Bob Beland, Brampton resident

Possible fines

The City of Brampton says its sign bylaw allows only specific messages on things like speed bumps, construction workers on the road, or tripping.

Slow signs are not allowed under current regulationssaid the City of Brampton in a statement to CBC. Such signs can be used temporarily by the people who set them up for a short time. However, the bylaw does not allow placing or displaying any type of sign.

If the City receives a complaint about the signs, a law enforcement officer will be sent to collect evidence, with possible charges, adds the municipality.

a woman on the street.

Brampton city councilor Charmaine Williams said she had already distributed 500 signs and was not planning to stop there.

Photo: CBC / Martin Trainor

This is a stark contrast to the City of Toronto where signs can usually be placed on public land, provided they are at least 60 cm from the curb, inserted with wire mesh, that they do not interfere with visibility and that they are not lit.

There are some exceptions, however, such as on highways, drainage ditches, or anywhere that could obstruct a bridge or sidewalks, among others.

"A constant reminder"

But Charmaine Williams thinks that the city misinterprets its regulations. According to her, the signs fall within the category of community safety that is authorized by the by-law, and that as long as they are on private property far enough from the sidewalk, she does not see the problem.

Charmaine Williams said she has already distributed 500 panels and she is not planning to stop. She says she will go as far as paying the fine for anyone charged under the regulations.

I do not think the (agents) will lay charges against 2000 people for having a community safety sign on their lawn. However, if they do, I will pay this fine, she said.

We have to slow down in Brampton and the signs are constantly reminding us, she says.

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