Republicans: Marshal-compatible elected officials want to structure themselves


The meeting had made a lot of people talk about her. On June 25, about fifteen LR elected officials had dined with Marion Maréchal at the Shield of Bacchus, a restaurant in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Three names of guests had then leaked: Sébastien Pilard, former leader of common sense, emanation of the Manif for all within LR, and vice-president of the Pays de la Loire region; Ain Xavier Breton MP and Val-d'Oise Senator Sébastien Meurant. A controversy had followed. In particular, Senate President Gerard Larcher felt that the parties had "set themselves apart from the values" of their political party. But no exclusion had been envisaged.

According to our information, the three elected LR of the "Bacchus gang", as they were then nicknamed, think about structuring a conservative current within the Republicans. An additional illustration of the fragmentation of LR in a multitude of currents and micro-parties.

"They were pleasantly surprised by the extent of the support received by the activists," after the dinner was made public, they say in their entourage. On July 17, the three elected LR, who had accepted that their names leaked in the press, found themselves at the Rotunda, a Parisian brasserie where Philippe de Villiers, Eric Zemmour and Patrick Buisson, three figures of the "right out walls, "gave themselves an appointment in their time. Objective of the trio LR: to show their will to structure this movement, which does not have a name yet. It will be open to LR members as well as civil society actors. The trio will meet in September to refine the project.

Wedding rings not on the agenda

Officially, the objective is not to encourage the union of rights or even to work towards a rapprochement with Marion Maréchal. "There is no subject of alliances with anyone. On the contrary, these elected officials want to reaffirm a straight line that is not defined by anyone. And especially not Macron, decrypts one of their relatives. While many elected LR have expressed their willingness to dialogue with LREM approaching municipal and others may still be tempted, the current is a strong bulwark against this attraction by the majority.

The organizers of this future conservative movement fear all the more that LR becomes a backup force to LREM Laurent Wauquiez, holding a straight line, was pushed to resignation after the fiasco of the European. It did not escape them that it is the centrist Jean Leonetti who took the interim presidency of the party. This current therefore intends to weigh from within on the line by constructing an ideological corpus opposed to macronist "progressivism": "The militants are worried about the Macron-compatible takeover bid on LR while the alliance of the right and from the center is a chimera. "I prefer to discuss with Marion Maréchal with Emmanuel Macron," had sent in June in Le Figaro Sébastien Pilard.

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