Rennes. The STAR makes a comeback under the sign of innovation


It is in the bus "Metropolitan" that Jean-Jacques Bernard presented the main lines of the return of the STAR network. Once again, he insists on his innovative character.

The Public Transport Department of the Rennes urban area (STAR) is located at 6e rank of French networks for its utilization rate with 189 trips per year per inhabitant. 160 000 inhabitants of the metropolis of Rennes are subscribers to the network. Each year, STAR presents its innovations and main guidelines. Jean-Jacques Bernard, vice-president of Rennes Métropole for transport and travel, places this autumn "Under the sign of innovation".

Korrigo Map

The Breton map of the movements extends its field of action and possibilities to become a "Service card". Completed the Exit card, it is now integrated into the Korrigo card.


Jean-Jacques Bernard insisted a lot on the "HandiSTAR network power recognized nationally and internationally". Efforts will continue to continue to welcome all users in the best possible conditions.

Routes "Discovery" will be put in place so that users become familiar with the network. A new service "STARmeguide" will see the day, free and by reservation. It will enable people with disabilities or frail to be accompanied during their travels.

Automatic lines

STAR "Prepares the future and turns to automation", announces Jean-Jacques Bernard. For six months, 9000 users traveled with autonomous shuttles deployed on the Beaulieu campus. 96% of users say " safe " on board. Laurent Senigout, director of Keolis Rennes regrets nevertheless that the average speed of these shuttles does not exceed 8 km / h, "It would take 15 to 20 km / h average for it to be really efficient", he believes. Two new shuttles, from another company, will be deployed in addition to the two existing ones.

Electric scooters

Rennes Métropole had decided "To observe how the precursor cities managed the new phenomenon" electronic scooters for rent. Jean-Jacques Bernard is pleased with the failure seen in several municipalities.

STAR will offer a fleet of 100 self-service scooters and "Provision on a principle similar to that of electric bikes". The renters will be responsible and can buy them after one year. A contest will be organized in early September to draw lots of lucky users who can benefit.

Student rates

The price schedule of the re-entry changes little. Students in the 2nd to 7th level will benefit from solidarity pricing. For others, there will be two formulas "Student" and "Student +" offering a service panel. For children under 20, the subscription for the school year will now be € 24.80 and € 28 until age 26.

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Rennes. The STAR makes a comeback under the sign of

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