Reinstatement and compensation of one and a half million euros: Icardi turns against Inter Milan



The former captain of Inter Milan Mauro Icardi, who has been on the sidelines since the restart, has turned against his club, asking for his immediate reinstatement and a compensation of one and a half million euros, reports Friday. the Gazzetta dello Sport.

In conflict with Inter, who withdrew his captain's armband in February after statements by his agent and wife Wanda Nara, Icardi was informed by his leaders in July that he was not part of the club's new project. embodied by Antonio Conte, the coach arrived this summer.

Icardi is training with the group, with the exception of the tactical and set-up sessions, the club having informed him that he did not intend to play it. It is precisely the reinstatement to these tactical sessions claimed by the Argentine striker, according to the Gazzetta.

The request came in the form of a letter signed by the player's lawyers, reports the sports daily. According to the Italian news agency Ansa, the news has been confirmed by a source in the Lombard club.

In this mail, the advice of the player also ask for a million and half euros in compensation.

For weeks, the Italian sports media have sent Icardi to Juventus, Roma, Monaco, Atletico Madrid or even to AC Milan, either on loan or via a final transfer.

By the voice of Wanda Nara, the player for his part assured that he had no other project than to stay at Inter. While the transfer window closes Monday night in Italy, the Icardi file remains open and could be problematic for Inter. The Milanese club, however, got off to a good start with a 4-0 win against Lecce on Monday.

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