Recruited by Cyril Hanouna on C8, Laurent Baffie is reframed by Thierry Ardisson


VIDEO – The man in black took advantage of his presence in The Big heads Thursday on RTL to pay for his ex-sniper who is about to join The Great Darka, the new weekly program of the host of TPMP.

In the autumn, Laurent Baffie is part of the new gang of Cyril Hanouna on Saturday in The Great Darka the first of which is scheduled for 14 September. A recruitment that seems displeasing to the former employer of the sniper and occupying this box Thierry Ardisson. When the man in black found himself facing his former sidekick Thursday in The Big Headshe did not fail to tell him the substance of his thought. "Do not bother me with plagiarism because I'm going to tell you, you're badly barred my boy," immediately launched the host (from 13'20 in the video below).

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"Anyway, the show will not last long"

Thierry Ardisson

"What did I do?", Replied Laurent Baffie, amused. "You will work on a show at Hanouna, which is a plagiarism," replied Thierry Ardisson. "Oh? But I did not know, m'sieur …, tried to calm the comedian. Give me time to take a lawyer. I am asked if I want to work, I say yes. Then, the host who left C8 at the end of last season spoke to all the members of the Big heads. "He has only to refuse to work in a show whose concept is plagiarized on an idea of ​​Thierry Ardisson." "I had not been told and I have children to feed," repeated Laurent Baffie before to ask him the question: "Do not you want me to go, boss? How are we doing? "" Yes, go ahead, go ahead, "said Thierry Ardisson. Anyway, it's not going to last long because I'm going to ban you. " "There are a lot of niceties in this show," said Laurent Ruquier, the host of the RTL show.

Wednesday night, Thierry Ardisson announced that he was suing the C8 chain and his former employer Vincent Bolloré for sudden termination of contract. He also accuses Cyril Hanouna of having plagiarized one of his broadcasts which never came into being but whose concept was deposited with the INPI. Provoked, the main interested to reassure Thursday morning on Twitter after shooting a first pilot. "I invite my friend Thierry Ardisson to watch The Great Darka and he will see that it has nothing to do with his concept. " The war is just beginning.

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