Real Madrid has completed the transfer of Bruno Fernandes but …


After a very eventful mercato start, with the galactic presentation of Eden Hazard as icing on the cake, the Merengue fans had great hopes. It was expected that Florentino Perez would still recruit one or two galactics, but finally, there should not be any movement in the club's staff of the capital except for the Navas-Areola exchange that should be made official Monday.

Zinedine Zidane has made the forcing for Paul Pogba, which should remain at Manchester United, until the next transfer window at least. Neymar, whom many Merengues wanted to see come, should also stay in Paris or engage with FC Barcelona. But this does not mean that the Madrid management has not worked in recent days, on the contrary …

Real Madrid will pay 70 million euros

As explained by Correio da ManhãReal Madrid and Sporting have reached an agreement for the transfer of the player for the amount of 70 million euros that Lusitanians demanded. It was in Monaco, on the sidelines of the draw of the group stages of the Champions League, that the two directions agreed. Only the player will not arrive in Madrid this summer.

As the paper explains, the most likely scenario remains an arrival in Madrid during the winter transfer window, although it is also possible that it will be done next summer, and everything will depend in particular on the needs of Zinedine Zidane . The French will record a reinforcement of weight; a midfielder capable of making differences and scoring, which has often been lacking in Madrid lately.

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