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Real Madrid shared its financial statement for the year 2018-2019. With record revenues and profits.

The richest club in the world in 2018, Real Madrid has raked in more money last season. In its financial statement revealed on its official website, the White House boasts a turnover of 757.3 million euros in the last fiscal year – excluding player changes – a slight increase of 0.8 %.

Especially, despite its premature elimination of the Champions League (from the knockout stages, by Ajax), Real Madrid posted a net profit (after tax) of 38.4 million euros, a jump of 23, 1% compared to 2017-2018. In comparison, Barca, which is close to one billion in sales, generated a profit of 4.5 million euros.

"Growth in activity offset lower revenue earned in the Champions League competition"We can read in the Merengue press release accompanying this data, and the Real to aim higher and higher with projections for 2019-2020: a turnover of 822.1 million euros has already budgeted for a profit of 41.4 million euros.

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