Racism in baseball: Mayor of Miramichi disappointed


We are sorry to hear these allegations from the Quebec teamsays the Mayor of Miramichi, Adam Lordon.

Mayor of Miramichi Adam Lordon

Mayor of Miramichi Adam Lordon

Photo: CBC

Thursday night, he learned that the Quebec Major League league complained to Baseball Canada. Quebec players say they have received a wave of racist insults, according to League president Daniel Belisle.

This is unfortunately a negative moment. It was a positive event for our community to be able to welcome the country to our city. It's not the same thing at allcontinues the mayor of Miramichi.

It's not a reflection of our community

Adam Lordon says his community is open. Our community is very proud to celebrate the diversity of our residents and visitors. It's a very bad time for everyone, but it's really not a reflection of our community, because actions like that are not acceptable in Miramichi at all.

I hope people can understand that this is not a reflection of our city. Our city celebrates its diversity. She is a welcoming community.

Adam Lordon, Mayor of Miramichi

If (the allegations) it is true, it is perhaps the reflection of one or two people who were in the game that day. But not Miramichi. Miramichi is a very inclusive community. If you visit Miramichi, you understand that the actions are those of one or two people, but not those of our cityhe insists.

The Mayor hopes that the events raised by the Major League Baseball League of Quebec will not discourage the holding of sports tournaments in Miramichi. Sport tourism and events are a big part of our local economy. We have different cultures. We are the opposite of that. We are inclusive. You can see that by the reactions of people in our community on social media. People say it's not acceptable.

Stricter policies

Go back to your colored box and f ****** n **** are insults heard by the leader of the Major League Baseball League of Quebec.

If it is proven that people have said racist words, there must be actions, sanctions for these people. In no case are such words acceptable.

Adam Lordon, Mayor of Miramichi

Baseball Canada indicates that an investigation has been opened.

Yes I hope that the national organization makes the appropriate policy changes to avoid this incident in the future. If it's true and if we can identify the people who said these words they can never go back to another game. , raises Adam Lordon.

He also hopes that the insults were not uttered by a member of his community. There is no one who thinks these words are OK. Words like that are not acceptable in our city, a sports show. They have no place. Nowhere.

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