Racing Point with a modified nose at Spa-Francorchamps


While she bore the name of Force Indiathis stable had introduced a nose with elongated openings in the form of nostrils that favored the flow of airflow under the chassis. This nose appeared on the B version of the car in 2015. Subsequently, this type of nose was then always used on the cars of this stable.

For the Belgian Grand Prix, the RP19 do not have this nose nostrils, but a more conventional nose, which retains the front extension intended to absorb impacts. The uprights that support the front wing are now elongated and have three indentations; a solution similar to that of Ferrari.

This new nose is not the first change of concept that makes Racing Point in 2019, since a first modification was made in Canada when the lower limit of each nostril was moved upwards in order to be able to attach a cloak. However, the nose seen here at Spa does not have a cape, which suggests that it enjoys a reduced lift with the disappearance of the nostrils.

The front of the Racing Point RP19

There are other changes to the front of the RP19 this weekend, and the team added a pair of fins higher up the nose (pictured above). Attached to the forwardmost point of the chassis partition, these fins promote downward airflow, which facilitates air flow management where the nose meets the chassis.

These fins seem to direct the air streams above the anchor points of the suspension pushers, and then guide them to the lower side fins.

The front wing of the Red Bull Racing RB15

The team Red Bull Racing has also modified the nose of its RB15, installing the one used at the Monaco Grand Prix and lacking an opening. Like the noses of the nose of the Racing Point, this opening encouraged the sliding of the air under the chassis.

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