Race against the clock to move 30 sailboats before the arrival of Dorian


A sailboat captain is preparing for the worst by protecting the fleet of thirty hired catamarans for which he is responsible before Hurricane Dorian hits the Bahamas.

"At this moment it is total calm, there is no wind, it is sunny. But I'm very stressed, "Alexis Paldino Claudio admits to TVANouvelles since his boat.

For the past few days, he and many of his crew have been protecting the property of Dream Yacht Charter, a company that rents luxury catamarans in the Bahamas.

The boats are normally moored at Marsh Harbor on Abuco Island. But the atoll is directly in the devastating trajectory of Dorian, which is why Alexis Claudio has made a race against time to move the 30 catamarans to Nassau, located on an island that will be less affected by the hurricane.

"All the people of Marsh Harbor are gone, because it's going to be a disaster," he says.

Once at their destination, the sailors had to dismount the sails, including the large sails and remove everything that was outside the boats.

Moreover, as it would be too dangerous to sleep in the boats, the captain has reserved hotel rooms far from the coast for the entire crew. The sailors will still have to check the condition of the boats in the night from Saturday to Sunday, when the hurricane will take strength.

"If we can go out, we'll go, but if it's too dangerous, we'll only be able to look at it," the man philosophizes. "It's a lot of money 30 boats. I'm afraid. We did the maximum, after, it's destiny. "

The strongest of Hurricane Dorian, with winds of 240 km / h, is expected in the Bahamas Sunday morning.

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