Quebec clears new dikes at Pointe-Calumet and Deux-Montagnes


Quebec has made the decision to prioritize this joint project of the three municipalities under Infrastructure Canada's Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (CAF).

He consequently invited municipalities to submit their project to the federal government "as soon as possible".

The Legault government's decision means that it is willing to assume 40% of the project costs, but Ottawa still has to approve its participation, which would also be 40%. The last 20% will have to be assumed by the municipalities.

In an interview with Radio-Canada, the mayor of Deux-Montagnes, Denis Martin, said he hopes the federal government will get the green light soon, to avoid that the election call, scheduled for no later than mid-September, will lead to a postponement of the project.

It is important that the work be done quickly, so that the dikes are in place by next spring.

For the moment, the federal government should give us our confirmation, hopefully, by Tuesday. We are to complete the last details with them to make sure there is not a bone, he explained.

Work will resume in Sainte-Marthe

In Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, the mayor Sonia Paulus assured that the reinforcement works of the dike would resume in the coming days, as a result of (an) interruption (…) caused by some riparian residents who prevent the contractor from accessing the dike being dissatisfied with the height of the new structure.

The City will not hesitate to use all the recourses at its disposal to protect the populationinsisted Mayor Paulus.

With information from Pascal Robidas

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