Purdue Pharma ruler for $ 10 to $ 12 billion


Pharmaceutical group Purdue Pharma is willing to pay $ 10 to $ 12 billion to stop more than 2,000 complaints against it in the context of the opiate crisis, NBC said Tuesday.

The pharmaceutical group, which produces one of the main opioid pain medications, OxyContin, did not confirm the record amounts, but acknowledged that it was "actively" negotiating an amicable agreement.

"If Purdue Pharma is ready to defend itself vigorously in opiate court cases, the company has made it clear that it has little incentive to spend years in vain legal battles," said the group, which became the number one target. 1 in the opioid crisis, in a statement.

"People and communities affected by the opioid crisis need help now. Purdue believes that a constructive global resolution is the best way forward, and the company is actively working with state prosecutors and other plaintiffs to achieve such an outcome, "he added.

Purdue Pharma is part of the pharmaceutical companies called to trial in late October in the state of Ohio, in a case involving more than 2,300 complaints against laboratories and pharmaceutical distributors accused of fueling the opiate crisis by encouraging over-consumption of powerful, ultra-addictive painkillers.

In 2017 alone, the United States has recorded more than 17,000 fatal overdoses involving opiates believed to be prescribed, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

In total, that year, the country recorded 47,000 opioid-related overdose deaths.

The judge in Ohio's sprawling case is pushing attacked companies to reach out-of-court settlements with plaintiffs, which include many local governments and US states, determined to charge drug groups.

NBC News, citing two sources close to the case, comes on the heels of the conviction of pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson in Oklahoma, after an unprecedented lawsuit over pharmaceutical companies' responsibility in the opiate crisis .

The New Jersey giant, better known for its baby products than for its opiate drugs, was ordered to pay $ 572 million to the state of Oklahoma for contributing to the crisis, a ruling that J & J decided to challenge on appeal.

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