Puerto Rico mobilizes as hurricane potential approaches


US authorities announced Tuesday that it has mobilized thousands of federal agents in Puerto Rico, in anticipation of what may be the first hurricane to hit the island since those who ravaged it twice in 2017.

According to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), Dorian – for now a tropical storm – could become "a hurricane when it moves (ra) near Puerto Rico and east of Hispaniola", the island that share Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Wednesday.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) announced on Twitter that it has mobilized 3,000 agents, "ready to intervene" on the spot.

"Whoa! Another big storm heading for Puerto Rico. Will it stop one day?", tweeted US President Donald Trump, saying the US had validated aid"record"from"92 billion"dollars for the island last year.

In fact, the US Congress has allocated $ 42.5 billion in aid to the territory, according to the website of Fema, and the island has so far received only 14.

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria crossed the entire island, causing havoc whose American territory is still struggling to recover.

A study, validated by the authorities of the island, estimates at 3,000 the number of people killed by hurricane Maria and its repercussions.

Emergency state

Former Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rossello was forced to resign last month, partly because of strong criticism of his handling of the crisis.

Her replacement, Wanda Vazquez, declared a state of emergency, assuring that the island was better prepared this time.

At 18:00 GMT, Dorian winds reached 85 km / h as the storm headed for the Caribbean, according to the NHC. The Dominican Republic is also on Dorian's trajectory and is expected to be affected by the storm on Wednesday night, according to the NHC.

On Tuesday, the National Meteorological Center of the Dominican Republic issued an alert and all boats must remain docked.

In Santo Domingo, the inhabitants of the neighborhoods bordering the Ozama river, which crosses the capital, feared especially the floods. "We are ready to leave. Here, when it rains, the river swells and everything is flooded", explained Cornelia Diaz to reporters."We are afraid of leaving our affairs unattended, not so much because of the water but because of the offenders".

Dorian is expected to reach Florida's shores this weekend, but the authorities were not yet able to estimate his power at that time.

Meteorologists have also withdrawn their tropical storm alert for Martinique and Dominica.


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