PSG: "The relationship with Neymar is complicated," says Leonardo


Leonardo had messages to pass, this Friday night, at the exit of the Saint-Symphorien stadium, where PSG won 2-0 against Metz. The Paris sports director refers to Barcelona responsibility for stalling negotiations for the transfer of Neymar. While admitting that nothing will be completed before the closing of the transfer window, Monday.

Where is the Neymar file?

LEONARDO. At the moment, we have not had an agreement. Our position has always been clear to everyone involved in the negotiation. Barcelona always knew what we wanted. Honestly, the first time we had an official written proposal from Barcelona was on August 27th. Five days from the end of the transfer window.

Can there be an agreement by Monday night?

I do not know, it depends on Barcelona. Honestly, we thought about setting a deadline, but today (Note: Friday)we are three days from the end of the transfer window. There is a natural deadline. That's why we try to understand.

Does Neymar still want to leave?

His position has always been clear, and ours too. It has always been said from the beginning that if a proposal satisfied us, it could leave. That was not the case. He has a contract with us, that's clear.

If Neymar left, would you have time to recruit a replacement?

No. No club had the money to buy it. The goal has always been to have a substitute inside and maybe other players to complete the amount required by the club. We were open to that. We have always tried to have in the squad of the other teams some players who could be in the negotiation.

Do you want Neymar to stay?

He is an extraordinary player. I did not know him before, I had never seen him. With time, I even appreciate his way of being. After that, it's normal to have a relationship to make the most of it. This relationship today, to tell the truth, is not the quietest that exists. It is complicated. There are things to settle. We opened the possibility of his departure, on our terms, which never arrived.

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Does Barcelona have the money?

I do not know.

Is another interview planned?

We have not planned anything.

If Dembélé had been convinced to join you on loan, would the transfer have been done?

Compared to Dembélé, I think he knew he had to leave on the 27th … it's complicated. We did not have a no or a yes. We had public reactions, but we did not agree with the player to know if Barcelona agreed or not. If we do not agree with the club, we can not go into negotiations with the players included in the negotiations. We never had a formal, written agreement to say "we agree, we will talk with the players".

Barcelona is the only possible destination?

Today, yes.

Can you confirm Areola's loan to Real Madrid and the arrival of Keylor Navas?

I do not know. The situation is not settled yet. It is true that it has the opportunity to be made. Today, Alphonse did not feel well to play because there are negotiations. I was a little surprised, but we respected it.

And for Navas?

We are in negotiations with Areola today.

And with Real Madrid?

(He laughs without answering).

Are you going to recruit other players by Monday?

No, really, we'll have time to talk after the transfer window. The situation is wide. In the sense that there is a financial and structural side of the transfer window that is not easy. We are trying to organize ourselves. I think it will be a difficult season. We have to settle a lot of things. We are not in the ideal situation. We must see how we will live with certain situations.

Yes, we have players at the end of the contract. We have a lot to manage together. It should be known that it will not be the season bling-bling, where we will win the Champions League. No, it will not happen like that. We will seek to reorganize, to review things. The ambitions are not down, but we have things to settle.

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