PSG – PSG: 222 ME, Qatar's request for Neymar has not moved


PSG: 222 ME, Qatar's request for Neymar has not moved

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FC Barcelona has experienced some roller coasters regarding the possible transfer of Neymar. The Catalan leaders thought they had done the hardest in approaching an agreement with PSG, with a larger amount but in payment extended on time, and especially a player in exchange desired in Paris: Ousmane Dembele. But the French striker has made it clear that he intends to stay in Barcelona to impose himself, and for his part, the Emir of Qatar has not said satisfied with this offer. For him, Barça can and must do better if he really wants to recover Neymar, including allowing Paris to do a white operation. This is also the opinion of the RMC consultant, Laure Lepailleur.

" Me clearly, I do not see Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain. Because the PSG has always been pretty firm. They heard that the player wanted to leave. But what they had specified was that they wanted to recover the amount paid out initially. And for the moment, the sum is not there. So in my opinion, the transaction will not happen and Neymar will stay at the club as the interest and purpose of Leonardo is to improve the image of the club, the institution. I do not see an issue in this file. PSG opened the dialogue because he expressed the will to leave. But he is bound by a contract and Paris is in a strong position "Explained the player of the team of France, which demonstrates all the interest in France to have no release clause in the contracts.

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