PSG and Neymar: towards a remarriage of reason?


So here he is to stay! The huge trend of the last hours has not changed. As we wrote Friday night, Barcelona finds no way to respond favorably to PSG demands for the transfer of Neymar, Ousmane Dembélé still refusing to join Paris and the Catalans do not have the funds to carry out this operation.

Except theatrical turn still possible – this is the very nature of the mercato – the Brazilian is forced, forced to perform a third season in the capital. He wanted to leave, he will probably stay, will there be a problem?

The locker room looks forward to him

There is one who does not live his experience at PSG in the same way that Neymar is there or not, it is Kylian Mbappé, the biggest star of the club now, seen from Paris. The world champion has entrusted him loudly since the beginning of the series: he absolutely wants the Brazilian number 10 remains. His natural complicity with Neymar opens up gambling perspectives that he does not find with Cavani and not so much with Di Maria.

Moreover, Cavani, at the end of the contract, could over the season lose his place as holder, with a Neymar-Mbappé-Di Maria attack and a midfielder Gueye-Verratti-Herrera in 4-3-3 or a 3- 5-2 with Neymar and Mbappé in tip. Thomas Tuchel thinks about it, he has opened himself to some elements in the cloakroom. Mbappé is not the only one to enjoy Neymar's stay at the club.

Marco Verratti, another close Brazilian, is delighted, aware of the player he can be. Brazilians like Marquinhos and Thiago Silva are in the same mood. Those who do not like Neymar – either humanly or in relation to the privileges enjoyed by the Brazilian – have left, like Rabiot, waiting to leave (Areola), or do not weigh very heavily in the locker room (Draxler, Kurzawa ).

Tuchel is walking on eggs

Warned at the end of last season by the interested himself that he wanted to leave the PSG, Thomas Tuchel saw a chance at the start. Managing the Brazilian is a full-time job that has often tired German. When they met in May 2018, their relationship was idyllic. The technician had presented to him a project articulated around his role of number 10 which had totally seduced Neymar. Like all great players, he likes to feel important. But the troubles – the injury, the hustle and bustle of the Coupe de France, the repeated suspensions – broke this beautiful building.

Only, Tuchel will be the club's employee who will work the most with Neymar this season. He must use diplomacy to install a modus vivendi that allows everyone to navigate. Even if Neymar has lost some of its beauty, in terms of image and importance in the PSG after this conflict with the management to leave, it remains a vital cog for the team if it is in shape and plays the game. He can win a match on his own. The coach knows it well. Tuchel will have to deal with him and settle the dispute between Neymar and Cavani, two men who do not like each other.

Get out of the cold war with management

The life of Neymar PSG rocked June 18, the day of the interview of Nasser Al-Khelaïfi to France Football where the president has not really spared the star. The Brazilian had already warned the club he wanted to leave but he did not expect such a reaction in response.

Leonardo himself admitted Friday night in Metz, nothing is easy between the club and the player. "It is necessary to tell the truth, explains the sporting director of the PSG. Today, this relationship is not the most peaceful. Today, we have a relationship that is complicated. Things have happened, we try to solve them, to talk. The striker has ostensibly made the head every time a camera was not far and he could snub the sports director as on the eve of the Champions Trophy in China.

His clan wants PSG to have set a starting amount that no club can leave. And his relatives even believe that Paris has done nothing to facilitate a departure. But why would the management have made this flower? It's a billionaire conflict but it's a conflict.

On his return from selection after the international break, Leonardo, alone or with Tuchel, will surely have a discussion with Neymar to remind him of his rights but also his duties towards the club. In the last two months, PSG dropped 16 M € charges included to the player for nothing since he has not disputed a single minute with the tunic Paris. Neither party has an interest in continuing this cold war throughout the season. Even if next summer, Neymar will ask to leave.

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