protesters denounce Boris Johnson


(London) Several demonstrations took place on Saturday in London and other major British cities to denounce the decision of Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament for part of the pre-Brexit period in two months.

Gregory Katz
Associated Press

Thousands of protesters gathered near the prime minister's residence at 10 Downing Street in central London. Other events took place in Belfast, York and elsewhere.

The demonstrators wanted to express their determination to block an exit from the European Union "without agreement".

The Brexit opposition movement was galvanized by Johnson's decision to close Parliament for several weeks to prevent a new debate on the subject.

In London, protesters chanted "Boris Johnson, shame on you". Some carried posters "Stop the coup". According to them, the decision of the new prime minister undermines their rights and threatens democracy.

These events were organized by an anti-Brexit group, "Another Europe is possible", and by "Momentum", an organization linked to the Labor Party. He urged his members to "occupy the bridges and block the roads".

According to the organizations, events were to be held in more than 30 cities in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

In Exeter, in the west of the country, pharmacist Bridie Walton was demonstrating for the first time in her life.

"No one voted for the establishment of a dictatorship," she said. It is the decision of a man who fears that his arguments will not hold water if they are examined. "

Some MEPs want to introduce a bill to prevent a UK exit from the European Union without an agreement. Their plan will become more difficult to achieve if Parliament is closed for part of the pre-Brexit period on October 31.

The suspension of Parliament is also the subject of three court challenges, which will be discussed in court next week.

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