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Do not be fooled, the fall of the Italian government is not that of Matteo Salvini. The far-right leader, formerly interior minister, may not have achieved the political coup of the century by causing the break-up of the ruling coalition, but he has not sealed his chances either. to come back through the front door. It will probably be a little later than expected, maybe a little less triumphal than expected that's all.

The leader of the League has not managed to dictate his own timetable to the legislator as he intended, but he will now be able to pound relentlessly the new government. And these are not the opportunities that will be missed in the coming months, provided that the new team at the helm of the country takes several months of course.

For if the alliance concluded a little more than a year ago between the Five-Star Movement (M5E) and the League was an ideological aberration, that between the same Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party is a political incongruity.

It is always possible to exhume the contours of a common left-wing matrix to justify this rapprochement between two parties that today opposes everything. By marrying the ultra-nationalist theses of the League throughout the last fourteen months and by endorsing the speech of the extreme right for low political reasons, the M5E changed sides, at the same time that he lost his soul and its electoral base.

This coalition built in the purest tradition of the Italian "combinazione" has no other goal than to conserve power at all costs. And to postpone the moment when it will be necessary to return to the voters and face Salvini in the ballot box.

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