Poisoned Dog: Regina Police Investigate


According to the owner of the animal, the dog became ill on July 18, two days before his death.

Still according to the owner, a veterinarian confirmed that the death was related to the ingestion of rabbit poison.

The police chose to investigate after the case was discussed on social networks.

Over the last week, several Regina citizens stormed the page Wascana View Neighborhood Watch as a result of a message warning people that a dog is dead because someone puts rabbit poison at Wascana View Park.

For the moment, the investigators do not know how the dog ingested the poison or the time or place where the incident occurred. They also do not know if it is an intentional act or not.

Internet users believe however that it is a premeditated act. One said she called the City of Regina in June to inform her that she would have caught someone poisoning the park. According to her, the person in question admitted his gesture. The City would have answered this citizen that she could do nothing.

The police strongly advise the owners of animals to be vigilant during possible walks. She also asks those who have information to contact her.

With CBC information

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