Plessala. The teaching team made its return


The Mené Ouest school is spread over two sites (Plessala with the school Simone Darcel and Arc-en-ciel in Saint-Gilles-du-Mené), the 180 students will return to work on Monday under the direction of Jean- Luc Rouxel. For a better learning, the teachers' council proposed a new school organization for this new school year: on the Plessala school site, there will be a kindergarten class, and the classes of CP, CE1, CE2 and CM1 and on the site of Saint-Gilles, a kindergarten class and CM2.

The elected officials of the town hall decided to follow this organization by setting up a free transport between the two school sites, this transport implying a modification of school hours on the site of Saint-Gilles-du-Mené. On Friday, the teachers of both sites made their return starting with a meeting of work on the school program of the year and the afternoon by setting up classes.

For Plessala:

Small and large section: Astrid Delepine and Alicia Leherisse (atsem), medium and large section: Marie-Laure Georgelin and Virginie Baumgarthen (atsem), CP: Alice Cordier and Aurélie Ruello, CE1: Régine Combréas and Sylvia Quéré, CE2: Jean- Luc Rouxel, CM1: Simon Robert

For Saint-Gilles-du-Mené:

Kindergartens: Linda Uzenat and Sylvie Lejeune (atsem missing on the picture) and CM2: Christopher Richard. The team is accompanied by Mélanie Saugeot, coordinator REP and Rozenn Menard Commault for the prevention of illiteracy and the reception of allophone children.

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