Pierre Hatet, the comedian who doubled Doc in "Back to the Future", is dead


DISAPPEARANCE – The comedian Pierre Hatet, known as the French voice of the "Joker" in Batman and several celebrities like Sean Connery and Tom Selleck, died in Paris on Friday at 89, according to his entourage. He also doubled Christopher Lloyd, Doc in "Back to the Future".

You knew his face less than his voice. But his stamp – and his famous replica "Name of Zeus" – necessarily tells you something if you have been bottle-fed to "Back to the Future". The actor Pierre Hatet, who died in Paris on Friday, had lent his voice to Christopher Lloyd – Emmett Brown said "Doc" – which gave the reply to Marty McFly in the famous trilogy.

It was also his voice that had been chosen to double the "Joker" in television series and animated and video games Batman. Pierre Hatet has also doubled the voice of Tom Selleck in four films of the 80s or Mike Connors (in the crime series "Mannix"). In 1977, he doubles that of Sean Connery in "A bridge too far".

Spotted by Jean Vilar and actor in thirty pieces until 1998, he was a great dubbing guy that can also be heard in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" or in episode IV of " Star Wars ". Pierre Hatet died Friday in Paris at 89 years old.

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