PHOTO. Gossip Girl: When Vaimalama Chaves Takes It For … Serena Van Der Woodsen!


While in New York for her holidays, Vaimalama Chaves was inspired by the Gossip Girl series to captivate a cliché on Instagram. And she makes a strong reference to the very first scene of Season 1.

"Hello gilded youth of Manhattan, here Gossip Girl". Like many people of her generation, Vaimalama Chaves has undoubtedly grown up with one of the most popular series of the late 2000s: Gossip Girl. So while in New York, Miss France 2019 was inspired by the famous gossip reporter who has for six seasons made the rain and the good weather in the relations of a band of teens from the New York elite, revealing their worst secrets and scrutinizing their slightest love problems. And for this passage in the "Big Apple", the young woman of 24 years has taken it completely … for Serena Van Der Woodsen!

"Dear gilded youth of Manhattan, here Gossip Girl!", thus began Miss France 2019, in legend of a snapshot posted on Instagram where she poses in the station of Grand Central. "And I have a huge news, one of my many sources sent me this" Spotted at the Central Station, bag in hand, Vaimalama Chaves. "Do not you believe it? lucky, someone sent a proof ", she continued, before concluding from the gossip hunter's famous signature, "XOXO, Gossip Girl".

Vaimalama Chaves here makes a small reference to the first scene of season 1 of Gossip Girl or Serena Van Der Woodsen, aka "S", "the queen of the parties mysteriously disappeared for a boarding school", reappears for the first time in a few months, sowing in passing a little chaos in his group of friends. A first scene that started the success of a series still very popular, which will soon be entitled to a reboot …

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