Patriots: Demaryius Thomas and Josh Gordon signal themselves (NFL)


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            <p>Receiving veterans Demaryius Thomas and Josh Gordon made their mark in their first game in the New England Patriots&#39; uniform, which lost 31-29 to the New York Giants to complete their playoff schedule.

Thomas captured a total of seven assists, including two touchdowns, for 87 yards. Gordon, for his part, caught two balls for 30 yards.

The Patriots, however, were cleared in the second half and the Giants took a 19-point gap to win with a touchdown by Alonzo Russell on the final game of the game.

Gordon was used alongside Julian Edelman, who however left the game as a preventative measure after being bored at the same hand that made him miss the first three pre-season games.

Veterans Tom Brady and Eli Manning had time off for the final game. Giants rookie Daniel Jones, sixth pick in the last draft, completed all four passes for 47 yards.

In the Pats, Jarrett Stidham has come a little closer to Brady's second role than he is playing Brian Hoyer. He was used throughout the match and concluded his night with 18 assists completed in 28 attempts for 225 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. He also ran for 50-yard earnings.

Thomas, 31, signed a one-year deal with the Pats last April. He finished the season with the Houston Texans after playing for the Denver Broncos for eight and a half seasons to begin his career. He has had five consecutive seasons of more than 1,000 yards from 2012 to 2016.

Gordon, who was suspended by the NFL for the second time in December because of his drinking problems, was given the go-ahead for the Goodell circuit on August 16 to conditionally reinstate the Patriots.

In 12 games last year with the Cleveland Browns and Pats, the 28-year-old captured 41 passes for 737 yards and four touchdowns.

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