"Our opponents must go out of their way if they want to fight with us"


Lewis Hamilton looks set for a sixth world crown – © BENOIT DOPPAGNE – BELGA

Although there are nine Grand Prix to be contested – including the Belgian GP – the way seems clear for the sixth world crown of Lewis Hamilton. Sixty-eight points ahead of his teammate Bottasit would indeed be a disaster to prevent the British to triumph again at the end of the season.

However, Hamilton does not arrive in conquered territory on the Ardennes ring. His many records seem to have stopped at the border, as evidenced by his three "small" victories in twelve participations on the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. Disappointment – relative – which should not however prevent the Mercedes driver from donning his scarecrow costume and spinning to a new title.

But no question of talking about easy victory, as he wanted to remind him at the microphone of Gaëtan Vigneron. "A championship is so difficult to have … My God, you have to understand how hard it is to get a title, and when you understand that, you can appreciate it and you say it's a huge mountain. working on the car and I can not predict what can happen but I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have had.Not a time when I did not feel ready to win titles. focus on growing, improving, and what we do as a team, and people have to go out of their way to fight with us! ".

Find the full interview of Lewis Hamilton this Sunday, on the front page.

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