Our Golden Shoe did not receive an offer this summer: "It's strange" – All the football


Best player of the Belgian competition, Red Devil: Hans Vanaken has everything to seduce some clubs of other championships, but the offensive midfielder, who recently signed a new good deal, will remain a Blauw in Zwart.

If he has a rather atypical profile, we still expected a departure from Hans Vanaken this summer, but it will not happen. "We could expect that some offers come from my manager, which was obviously not the case," he said in an interview with Sudpresse.

"I've won everything in the last two seasons, also from an individual point of view, and I feel like I've shown a lot of good things on the field, even though the eyes of others may have changed, I stayed the same, someone calm and ambitious, who does not necessarily like spotlight lights. "

Is he surprised? "Yes, sometimes I think it's strange, but suddenly, my situation is more comfortable.I have no painful choice to make.I feel good here in Bruges, where everything is together for me So I do not need to leave to leave Some have talked about Ajax, but no more, maybe if you ask my manager or my father, they will answer something else but me I do not want to be bothered for anything. "

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