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André Tourigny did not forget how his club was eliminated last May. The 67 were only two wins from a Memorial Cup appearance, before tasting Guelph Storm medicine in the Ontario Junior League (OHL) final.

You do not really go over, but life goes onsays the Ottawa driver, who refuses the pressure to repeat last year's exploits when the team finished first in theOH in the regular season. If we focus on that, we will forget all we have to do to get there. What is important is today.

Tourigny watched the two intra-team matches on the first day of the podium training camp with his assistants and team director James Boyd. Recruiters of the 67 were behind the bench to direct traffic.

Our veterans have set an example with their efforts and the way they play. I also liked the game of our recruits, I think we have a lot of smart players, who have a good sense of hockey, says the coach, who has a group of 43 participants, including his twin sons, Felix and Jean-Phlippe.

It was intense, but it's what you need if you want to have a better team than last year (…) You have to be the ones who work hardest in the leagueadded defender Alec Bélanger, who is part of an unchanged group at the blue line of 67.

Ottawa will have to find new offensive leaders. Four of his top six scorers have left the organization, either to make the jump to the professionals with a contract in hand, like Sasha Chmelevski and Tye Felhaber, or because they have completed their junior internship.

These guys will have left a legacy (…) Do not be disappointed that it is over, we must be happy that it happened.

André Tourigny, Ottawa 67 head coach

We've lost good guys on and off the ice, but we're all going to take on a new role this year and show what we can do, stresses Bélanger, who expects greater responsibilities in his second season with the 67.

An early match against the Olympiques

The two junior clubs in the National Capital Region will compete on Thursday at the Rockland Hockey Academy in a preseason game. This will be a first exhibition outing for the 67, while the Gatineau Olympiques have already played four games.

Their team is going to be complete, it's going to be two weeks together. We, we will not have practiced once again together, we will only have intra-team matches. It's going to be a challenge for us, but it's going to be the funsays Tourigny, with a mischievous smile.

The coach knows the rivalry between clubs separated only by the Ottawa River. Last year, they had also clashed during their training camp and the spirits had warmed up.

There was a fight, the guys hit each other and shouted afterwards. And it was only a part of the exhibition, says Bélanger enthusiastically. <q data-attributes = "{" lang ": {" value ":" fr "," label ":" French "}," value ": {" html ":" We are only 15minutes from each other. It's fun and it's probably the best part of the year. "," Text ":" We're only 15 minutes from each other. It's fun and it's probably the best part of the year. "}}" Lang = "en">We are only 15 minutes from each other. It's the fun and it's probably the best part of the year.

Hostilities will be handed over between the border rivals on September 15th. The 67 will then play their first game of their season against the Storm at Guelph, the very spot where their season ended two weeks too early.

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