Orange could also cut BFM and RMC if there are no "associated services"


After Free, it is Orange who threatens to cut the chains of Altice (BFM TV, RMC Discovery and RMC Story) if no agreement is found. For Stéphane Richard, the question is not so much that of the amount as of the associated services offered.

Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, is punching the table. In turn, like Free, he feels he does not have to pay to broadcast Altice channels (BFMTV and RMC) on Livebox. An announcement that sounds a threat a few months from the end of the agreement between the two groups.

The weather is not at the party for Altice who failed to convince Iliad, the mother of Free, to pay several million for the right to broadcast its channels on the Freebox subscribers. Free, therefore, as agreed with the regulatory authorities, cut off access to BFM TV and RMC, which immediately had an impact on the audience of the channels in question. And in this troubled period, it is therefore Orange who adds a sword of Damocles over the head of Patrick Drahi's group.

A "conceivable" break

On France 2, Stéphane Richard confirmed that a cut of the chains of Altice was " feasible On the Liveboxes, while nuancing by specifying " do not wish to arrive at the same point (that Free, note)". He justifies his position by statingthat there is a balance between the channel editors and the operators (…): by transporting the channels for free, we assure them a hearing, without asking for remuneration in return".

But why was an agreement signed with TF1 and M6? Stéphane Richard recalls that in these two cases, the compensation agreement does not concern the diffusion of flows, but "related services(Replay, etc.) An added value on which Altice can not rest. "The question is not the amount of the check, we will pay if there is an additional service provided to the consumer, not otherwiseHe insists.

The end of the current agreement between Altice and Orange was originally scheduled to expire in September, but was postponed. It remains between a little time to Altice to try to convince Orange, but also Free to avoid losing simultaneously the two main sources of audience of its channels.

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