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The CAC40 slows down … But progresses again! From 0.20% to 9:30, pointing to 5,460 points … It remains on a nice progression of 1.51% yesterday. After the stress of late Friday and Monday, the lull continues on the markets. Trade tensions between the United States and China are easing … At least in tone! And probably temporarily, investors are accustomed, for over a year, to warming and cooling sequences between China and the United States.

They still see the desire for Chinese appeasement and probably also rely on Trump's pragmatism. The US president said trade talks had taken place with China and others would follow … As long as this is discussed …

Overall, the remaining markets, despite the relaxation between the two giants, worried fears of a global recession. Yesterday, moreover, the final version of the GDP of the United States confirmed such concerns, showing an increase of 2% year-on-year in the second quarter, compared to 2.1% in initial estimate and 3.1 % of the previous quarter.

The day will be rich in indicators with the United States, household income and expenditure, a statistic that includes the price index "Core PCE", a measure of inflation closely monitored by the Federal Reserve … In Germany, Retail sales, adjusted for prices, seasonal variations and calendar effects, fell 2.2% in July after rising 3% the previous month. The consensus was a decline of 1.3%.


The New York Stock Exchange ended on a solid rise Thursday night, boosted by the more conciliatory tone adopted by Beijing in the trade dispute with the United States. The Chinese Commerce Ministry said it was discussing with Washington a resumption of bilateral talks, and China was willing to resolve the problem calmly. This is enough to reassure the markets, which have been evolving for long weeks at the pace of progress and tensions between the two leading world economies.

At the close of business, the Dow Jones jumped 1.25% to 26,362 points, while the S & P 500 is gaining 1.27% to 2925 points. The Nasdaq advance of 1.48% to 7,973 points.


German retail sales, adjusted for price, seasonality and calendar effects, fell 2.2% in July after rising 3% the previous month. The consensus was a decline of 1.3%. On a year-on-year basis, sales posted a strong increase of 4.4% but the month of July of 2019 had one more working day than July 2018, says the Federal Statistical Office.

In France, consumer prices would increase by 0.5% in August after falling by 0.2% in July, announced the INSEE in its preliminary estimate.

La France :
– Maintenance price index – improvement of buildings. (12.00)
– Turnover of food supermarkets, July. (12.00)
– Volume of sales in commerce, June. (12.00)
– Production index in services. (12.00)
– Agricultural price indices, July. (12.00)
– Producer price indices for services, second quarter. (12.00)
– Turnover in industry and construction, June. (12.00)

United States :
– Household income and expenditure. (14.30)
– Chicago Manufacturing Index PMI. (3:45 p.m.)
– Final index of US consumer sentiment at the University of Michigan. (16.00)


– Unemployment rate in Italy. (10.00)
– Consumer price (flash) in Europe. (11:00)
– Unemployment rate in Europe. (11:00)
– Preliminary index of consumer prices in Italy. (11:00)

The ounce of yellow metal is trading at $ 1,540. For its part, the euro / dollar parity reached $ 1.1044 this morning. The barrel of Brent is trading $ 61.04.


BNP Paribas (+ 0.40% to 40.98 Euros) should submit an offer on the Deutsche Bank equity derivatives portfolio and the French bank thinks it can push back the competing proposals to reach an agreement in the coming weeks, said sources close from the record to Reuters.

Bastide Medical Comfort (+ 1.10% to 36 Euros) generated sales of 86.4 million euros in the fourth quarter of 2018-19 (April-June), up 10%. Organic growth remained very dynamic over the quarter at + 6.8%, above the average for the first nine months of the year.

ID Logistics (+ 1.90% to 162.80 Euros): Eric Hemar, the CEO confirms in an interview published by, look at possible acquisitions: "We have structured our approach this year with the creation of an M & A department to have a more systematic analysis of the files we are looking at.We are studying several operations and I hope that some of them will be successful. "

Stef (+ 9.10% to 84 Euros): generated in the first half of 2019 an operating profit of 67.4 million euros, up sharply by 40%. Net profit increases by 20% to 39.9 ME.


Archos (-3.90% to 0.16 Euro): The group recorded a turnover of 17.2 ME in the first half of 2019, compared to 32.3 ME in the first half of 2018. The consolidated net loss at -26.6 million against -5.1 million in the first half of 2018.

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