Ontario wants to invest in infrastructure for Canada Games 2021


Niagara's proposed infrastructure project for the Canada Games will be selected and submitted for federal approval under the Invest in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

If the project is approved by Ottawa, the province will support the construction of facilities for the Thorold Canada Games Park and Henley Rowing Center in St Catharines, Welland and Niagara Falls Baseball Fields, softball fields in Grimsby, West Lincoln and Wainfleet, as well as a modernization of its velodrome.

In addition to providing support to athletes, this initiative offers many opportunities in the Niagara region, said Ontario Tourism, Culture and Sport Minister Lisa MacLeod today.

I am pleased that our province is hosting the Canada Games. For the Niagara Region, hosting a national sporting event is a great opportunity to reap the economic and social benefits of this type of event

Lisa MacLeod, Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport

The government says the Niagara Falls 2021 Games facility is a priority for the province, which says it has previously invested $ 10.35 million, the ministry said.

According to the province, the Games themselves will cover $ 47 million of the total estimated cost of the event, estimated at $ 105 million. She added that the initiative will create new jobs.

<q data-attributes = "{" lang ": {" value ":" fr "," label ":" English "," data ": {" id ":" fr "," name ":" English "} }, "value": {"html": "The next step will be to review the project by the federal government and make the final funding decisions, to match the contribution of 29Million Provincial Government Dollars "," text ":" The next step will be the federal government's review of the project and final funding decisions to match the $ 29 million contribution. from the provincial government "}}" lang = "en">The next step will be the federal government's review of the project and final funding decisions to match the provincial government's contribution of $ 29 million., the statement said.

The provincial government says it has asked Ottawa to make their intentions known as soon as possible so they do not have to meet tight deadlines.

The province estimates that the 2021 Games will welcome 5,000 participants and should attract more than 200,000 spectators from across the country.

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