ONPC: what will Yann Moix say for his defense on the set of Laurent Ruquier


MEA CULPA – After the counterattack of his brother Alexandre, and the publication of antisemitic writings which he admitted to be the author, Yann Moix will explain in the back of "We are not lying", broadcast this Saturday. Our colleagues from "Parisien" attended the recording on Friday night.

It is (perhaps) the conclusion of a crazy media sequence for Yann Moix. Since the broadcast of his interview in "Seven to eight" on TF1, prelude to the release of his latest novel, "Orleans", the writer is at the heart of the major scandal of the return to literature. Accused of having "romanticized" his memories of a child beaten by his father Jose, then his brother Alexander, the person concerned had to explain – and apologize – about his participation when he was a student at an anti-Semitic journal, of which extracts were revealed on the site of "L'Express".

A "case in the case" that will be the subject of his first words, this Saturday in "We are not lying", as reported by our colleagues "Parisian", who were able to attend the recording, this Friday night. Previously, Laurent Ruquier will have introduced his former columnist as "a friend". And judged his book "extraordinary". "That we do not accuse the TV to make him a trial whereas the written press does it since a week", will launch the animator in preamble, before giving the floor to his guest.

I did not have the shoulders wide enough to kill myself physically so I committed suicide morally. I have a disgust for myself, this failure, this despised and despicable being. I was vomitingYann Moix in "The Parisian"

"My dear Laurent, I hate myself if I talk about my book.The first thing, I apologize for the abject drawings, shocking that I committed at 20. The young man that I was, I spit on him today 'Hui,' says Yann Moix from the start. "I apologize to Bernard Henry-Lévy (caricatured in the pages of the review – ed), and to all those I have hurt from the depths of my being.Pardon for these comics (…) I did not my shoulders wide enough to kill me physically so I committed suicide morally, I have a disgust for myself, this failure, this despised and despicable being, I vomited. "

"What can push a 20-year-old kid to publish swastika drawings with caricatures of BHL?", Will ask him Franz-Olivier Giesbert, called to the rescue to replace Frédéric Beigbeder, who was originally to question the writer. "I also attacked the myopaths, the Ethiopians, Godard," said Yann Moix, who will also judge that "these revelations are remotely controlled by the far right and everyone follows."

The book "Orleans" already reprinted … but far from Millenium

During this mea culpa of almost an hour, the writer will also address the book at the origin of the controversy. Now his accusations about his father and mother, he will justify the absence of his brother Alexander of the pages of "Orleans" by his desire to "avoid the blows". Before I say: "I decided that I would not talk to my parents anymore, but to my brother, yes, we were fighting, but I never beat him, he was manipulated by people who deserve to be in prison, he's a victim, too. "

At the end of his speech, Yann Moix will also talk about his "paternity dream" while considering himself "incapable". Before concluding: "I'm sorry for everything I did." Will this move in ONPC benefit the author's sales? Published at 27,000 copies, "Orleans" has benefited from a reprint to 15,000 copies, said Thursday "Le Figaro", evoking a second possible reprint. But according to Edisat, who makes an estimate of book sales, the novel would have sold only 4,970 copies the week of its release, far behind "Millenium 6" (14,579 copies) and "thirst" Amélie Nothomb (14,347 copies).

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