On the set of "We are not lying", Yann Moix "apologize" for his antisemitic drawings


"I apologize to Bernard Henri-Lévy and all those I have hurt from the depths of my being," argues the writer and former chronicler of the talk show, in the first show of the season, broadcast Saturday night on France 2.

His mea culpa will be broadcast Saturday, August 31 at 23:10 on the show "We are not lying". The writer Yann Moix, in full controversy after anti-Semitic writings and youth cartoons were recently exhumed, asked "sorry" on the set of Laurent Ruquier's show on France 2, reports The Parisianwho attended the recording on Friday. The drawings were published in a craft magazine in 89-90, when the writer was 21 years old.

"The first thing, I apologize for the abject, shocking drawings I made at 20"says Yann Moix, who was a columnist for the show for three seasons. "The young man I was, I would spit on him today"says the writer, quoted by the newspaper. "I beg your pardon to Bernard Henri-Lévy and all those who have been wounded in the depths of my being. he said.

"I did not have the shoulders wide enough to kill myself physically so I committed suicide morally I have a disgust of myself, this failure, this despised and despicable being I vomited."he adds. "But I tried to tear myself away from this dark hole, from this nightmare thanks to bright people like BHL who allowed me to build intellectually, I tried to redeem myself all my life, to fight xenophobia " defended the writer, friend with BHL.

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