Omar al-Bashir charged with illegal possession of foreign funds –


Former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, dismissed by the army on April 11 after 30 years in power, was indicted Saturday by a court in Khartoum for illegal possession of foreign funds and fraudulent use of these funds, said a judge .

The authorities "seized 6.9 million euros, 351,770 dollars and 5.7 million Sudanese pounds at the home of Omar al-Bashir, illegally entered into his possession and used," said Judge Al-Sadiq Abdelrahman.

According to the judge, the former president incurs up to 10 years in prison for the acquisition of these funds and up to three years for illegal transactions.

The deposed president's trial opened on August 19, two days after an agreement between the military in power since its collapse and the leaders of the transitional dispute.

Omar al-Bashir was then informed by the prosecution that he was facing charges of "possession of foreign currency, corruption" and trading in influence.

Next hearing on September 7th

During the first hearing, an investigator claimed that the former president had confessed to receiving large sums of cash from Saudi Arabia in cash – up to 90 million dollars (80 million euros).

"My chief of staff (…) received a call from the office of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, saying that a" message "would arrive on board a private jet," confirmed Omar al-Bashir during his audience on Saturday. .

The Saudi prince "did not want his name to appear and we were told that if the funds were deposited at the bank of Sudan or the Ministry of Finance, their source should be identified," he added.

The next hearing is scheduled for 7 September.

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