OM – OM: This free attack on Benedetto hurts


OM: This free attack on Benedetto hurts

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The victory in Nice allowed Olympique de Marseille to save the start of the season, which is just okay. What a blow blow after the 0-0 in Nantes marked by the penalty missed by Dario Benedetto. Since then, the Argentine has recovered with a solid match on the Côte d'Azur, and a precious goal to open his meter. No reason to provoke ecstasy in Nabil Djellit, for whom the Argentinian is above all a correct player of Ligue 1, and therefore very average for the OM.

" Benedetto, a big striker? To listen to some, it looks like it becomes a feat to make a good match when you are number nine Olympique Marseille. It was so much desert at this post in Marseille that one ignites on Benedetto. But against Nice, he made a copy like Laborde or Delort could have done, neither more nor less. I'm expecting a lot more from OM striker. Benedetto? I think he's a good striker but no, he's not a crack. He's a guy who's going to depend on what's going on around him ", Delivered the journalist of France Football, which joins the consultants not at all convinced by the former Boca Juniors. Waiting to see if their version changes, like that of Pierre Ménès who has recently recognized that Benedetto may not be that bad.

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