OGC Nice: River loose his truth about his relationship with Vieira


If the departure of Jean-Pierre Rivière had not pleased Patrick Vieira, the former President (presumed to return to the club) wanted to make things clear.

"I'm not sending a message to Patrick, but to everyone. And I include myself in this reflection. The people who work at OGC Nice are at the service of the club. They must therefore be loyal. I apply it. So, moods … I have not seen Patrick yet. Because, voluntarily, I stayed away. My principle is that in life we ​​can have misunderstandings. We will explain everything. I want to hear his feelings, I will share with him also because I heard many things. (…) As he told us in New York, Patrick wanted to be the man of a club and a project. He will be. This has the merit of being clear.

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