Novak Djokovic: "I have almost no pain" on the shoulder – US Open (H)


"How's your left shoulder?
Well. I have almost no pain. A little pain, but I'm very happy with how it went.

How did you hurt yourself? What is the nature of this injury?
Forgive me, but I will not talk about that.

You did not train on Thursday. Will you continue like this during the whole fortnight?
It depends. Today (Friday)it was a lot, a lot better than at the last game, so we'll see tomorrow (Saturday).

"I have done a lot of things these past few days to be able to play"

A video circulates, we see you annoying a spectator during your warm-up. What happened ?
We just had a little discussion (smile).

You told him '' Believe me, I'll find you '' …
To go for a drink. I liked the guy, I'll offer him a drink.

What did he tell you?
We will keep that between us. But he helped me, no doubt. He does not know it, but he helped me. If you have the video, you'll hear it, I think. I will not talk about it. I think he did me a favor. Maybe he did not want to, but he did me a favor, a big favor.

You looked worried about your shoulder after your second round. To be able to play against Kudla, have you undergone a particular treatment, an injection against pain?
As I said before, I would like you to respect the fact that I do not go into detail. I understand that you wanted to know. I decided not to speak, please understand it. I am very happy with the way things went. I am able to play. This is a huge blessing for me because it was probably the opposite two days ago. I did not train yesterday (Thursday), it is true. I have done a lot of things these past few days to be able to play. "

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