Noisy-le-Roi: a minor threatens and assaults the three firefighters who came to rescue him


His suicide attempt turned into a wave of violence against the fire soldiers who came to rescue him. A 15-year-old man who tried to kill himself by drinking alcohol and drugs threatened and assaulted the firefighters who came to his rescue with several punches and knees on Saturday in Noisy. the King in the Yvelines. A complaint was lodged against him.

According to France Bleu, the young man, whose mother had warned the firefighters of his son's suicidal intentions at the beginning of the afternoon, had absorbed drugs and alcohol. When the firefighters arrive at his home, the teenager has sent them "that he had not asked anyone"he threatened to"to burst them", insulted them, and gave them punches and knees.It was finally able to be mastered not without efforts.

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The gendarmerie was called in reinforcements as well as help to take care of the assaulted firefighters. Two of them were hit in the face, and were respectively prescribed ten and six days of ITT (total incapacity for work).

"The minor, escorted by the gendarmes to the hospital for observation, was then placed in custody", says the radio The firefighters of Yvelines have filed a complaint"as part of the functional protection of the agents"And evoked a"lamentable aggression".


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