"Nissan leader has signed a secret agreement with the prosecutor"


Arrested in Tokyo for the first time in November 2018 for embezzlement, Carlos Ghosn is now under house arrest. In the Great MawsFrançois Zimeray, one of the lawyers of the former CEO of Renault-Nissan has denounced the "psychological torture" suffered by his client.

"It's been 10 months since he was ripped off his business, his family and his freedom, sorry François Zimeray.He does not know when his trial will take place.It has suffered a very hard incarceration as the largest organizations of defense Japanese human rights have denounced.In Japanese jails, everything is done to make you crack.You are interrogated day and night without being able to talk to your lawyer.This is a psychological torture.

"An eminently political affair"

Mr. Zimeray explains that "today, Carlos Ghosn is under house arrest in unacceptable restrictions of freedom, or in any case, unjustifiable with regard to the necessities of the investigation." He is experienced but is combative and determined to prove his innocence".

Emmanuel Macron intervened and mentioned the situation several times, but I do not know if our authorities and public opinion have taken the measure of a situation where there could be no justice at all. in prison and then we look for what you can be guilty of. "

"So, yes, the French authorities have raised the issue but, for the moment it has not brought results, he deplores.It will continue to place this issue at the heart of the Franco-Japanese relationship. is an eminently political affair.

The lawyer of the former CEO of the Renault-Nissan alliance does not believe in "an objective investigation": "The more I enter this file, the less I believe in the Japanese justice.We know that the current leader of Nissan – who is the wrecker of this company – has signed a secret agreement with the prosecutor.As a shareholder, one has the right to know what is in this secret agreement.Why is not he pursued?

"Carlos Ghosn carries in spite of himself, the excesses of an era and a system," he explains, "it is necessary to give up that it arouses compassion." But we do not want compassion We want the respect of the law In this affair, there is a dimension of social vengeance We do not seek the truth but the good conscience Carlos Ghosn asks only for a fair trial ".

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