NHL will not reopen the collective agreement


The league had the right to reopen the deal until Sunday, but the league informed the NHL Players Association of its decision on Friday.

"Based on the current state of hockey and its financial aspects, the NHL believes that it is essential to continue to build the momentum created with our players and, therefore, it will not exercise its option to reopen the convention. collective, "said Commissioner Gary Bettman, in a statement.

"We are rather ready for the current collective agreement to remain in effect until it expires. "

The players have until September 15th to decide whether they want to withdraw from the last two years of the agreement, which was signed in 2013 and which must extend until the end of the season 2021-2022 .

The initial ten-year contract, signed after the last lockout, included the eight-year withdrawal clause for owners and players.

If the players decide to retire, the league could face another stoppage of work next fall.

NHL players went on strike in 1992 and since then the owners have locked out players on three occasions.

Part of the 1994-95 season was lost due to a lockout, while the entire 2004-2005 season was canceled.

The current agreement put an end to the lockout, which reduced the 2012-2013 season to 48 games.

"In any collective agreement, parties can always identify the issues they are not satisfied with and would like to see changed," said Bettman.

"However, our analysis clearly shows that the benefits of continuing to operate under current conditions – while working with players to address our respective concerns – far outweigh the disruptive consequences of terminating them after the season. come. "

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