Neymar realizes his dream by playing in Casa de Papel


The star of Soccer Neymar said on his Twitter account to have participated in two episodes of season 3 of La Casa de Papel in the guise of Joao, a monk Brazilian.

In the shoes of a Brazilian monk

Aged 27, the player of the PSG is currently at the heart of all the questions in this period of Mercato. But it is not about his transfer that the attacker wished to express himself on his account Twitter.

In episodes 6 and 8, which have been posted on the Netflix platform, Neymar appears under the features of Joao, a monk whose remarks could have put the bug in the ears of fans of the star of the ball.

In a flashback within an abbey where the scene takes place, his character explains to Berlin that he does not like "neither football nor the party"And declares:"At the World Cup, I always pray for our selection".

Available since July 19 on Netflix, the season 3 of La Casa de Papel has achieved a record audience in many countries, with nearly 34.4 million seen the first week.

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The tweet of the sportsman has meanwhile been shared thousands of times and his teaser has already been relayed on Instagram.

We discover the star of world football proudly take off his Dali mask, emblematic costume of the Spanish thugs of the Netflix series.

A surprising announcement

It seems surprising that nobody recognized the guest before his announcement on twitter. And for good reason, no one has noticed the presence of the young prodigy in the series to success for the simple and good reason that his scenes had been cut at the assembly following the rape complaint which had been filed against him.

Indeed, a mannequin accused the young man of being aggressive towards him. She also accused him of using violence to have an unconsented sexual relationship during May in the French capital. The latter had reacted quickly and the file had been discontinued by a judge of Sao Paulo August 8, due to the lack of evidence indicting the Parisian.

Following this court decision, the creators of the series and the player decided to reinstate the original scenes in season 3 of Casa de Papel.

Thus, for all fans who watched the season 3 of La Casa de Papel as soon as it was posted on Netflix on July 19, it was not possible to see it because it was not present in the series but we can now replay the episodes concerned to admire Neymar Jr.'s acting talents.

With a lot of irony about the various rumors of transfer that concern him, the player who had joined the PSG in 2017 against 222 million euros accompanied his announcement of the hashtag #nuevofichaje (#new recruit).

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