Neymar – Leonardo (PSG): "There is no agreement with FC Barcelona"


Posted on 30 August 2019 at 23H40 – updated on 31 August 2019 at 07H20


Leonardo made a surprise appearance Friday in the mixed zone, after the success of the PSG in Metz (0-2), to evoke the Mercato and especially the soap opera Neymar. The Paris sports director assures him: never has an offer from FC Barcelona fulfilled the criteria required from the beginning of the negotiations.

Leonardo, where is the Neymar record between PSG and FC Barcelona?

Our position has always been clear. They always knew what we wanted. The first time we had a written proposal was August 27th. We were open to talking with other players to do the operation. We never had a written agreement on our terms. There is no agreement today. It depends on Barcelona.

Have you set a deadline to reach an agreement?

We are three days from the end of the Mercato, there is a natural deadline. We were open.

Leonardo: "Things have happened that we are trying to solve"

Is Neymar still determined to leave?

His position has always been clear, and ours too. He is in contract with us. Everyone in the negotiation knew our position. We speak, we know everything.

Would you be ready for him to stay in Paris?

Neymar is an extraordinary player. I did not know him before. With time, I also appreciate his way of being. He is a good boy, he is a very well known and important player. We have to have a relationship to get the best of it and we have to tell the truth, this relationship is not the most peaceful one that exists. It's complicated, things have been going on. We opened the possibility of his departure, only on our terms, which never arrived.

Is a new meeting with FC Barcelona scheduled in the coming days?

We have not planned anything.


Leonardo: "Dembélé knew that he had to leave perhaps on August 27"

How do you explain that no club has aligned with your requirements to recover Neymar?

Many clubs have traded early in the Mercato and afterwards it was harder to afford.

If Ousmane Dembele had agreed to join the PSG, the deal would it be recorded?

Dembélé knew he had to leave on the 27th. It's complicated. There was public reaction, but we did not agree with Barcelona whether the player agreed or not. If we do not agree with the club, we can not go on a negotiation with the players included.

Is it possible that an offensive reinforcement arrives even without leaving Neymar?

Honestly we had a lot of conservations with clubs that have situations to settle. It's a bit heavy, complicated, we talk about it quietly. The condition of his departure was tied to a substitute in and perhaps other players to complete the required amount. We have always tried to have in the squad of other teams players who could interest us.

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