Newcomers to the garden Henri Vinay, wallabies steal the show on ( and


After a little more than a year of waiting, the wallabies finally arrived at the garden Henri Vinay du Puy. Their enclosure attracts a steady stream of curious people.

The least we can say is that Sicky and Charlie are not shy! These little marsupials of 2 and 4 years old jump up to the gate, as curious to scrutinize the passers-by as the passers-by are to see them. But in a few seconds, they are already at the other end of their enclosure, which surrounds the door of Vorey on both sides, at the left entrance of the Henri Vinay du Puy-en-Velay.

Since their arrival, Thursday, August 29, 2019, escorted by the Municipal Council of the young people of the Puy by bike, the half-brothers are the stars of the park. Even baby peacocks sharing their pens are not as popular. Little Joachim, 3 years old, is pressing against the grid. He does not lose a crumb. " We saw them well, rejoices his mother Lucie, they play together, they run after and jump on it! A nice surprise for those residents of Saint-Hostien who were not aware of the arrival of the new tenants of the park: " It was the most complete chance but we are happy, they are very pretty! "

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Yssingeaux's express come as soon as possible

Next door, the presence of Louise, 3 years old, is not a coincidence. " We saw that they arrived last night in the local press so we wanted to see "Explain his parents came specially from Yssingeaux for marsupials. And the mother to bid: " We had come in July to watch but they were not there, we waited impatiently; they are very beautiful ". As for dad, he is also under the charm: " It's not common to have this kind of animals in a municipal garden that is not a real zoo. It's original, it changes goats and peacocks. "
His little Louise, she will not be jealous: she marvels as well of " little kangaroos Than the great white duck which leaves plenty of feathers everywhere! "She says, throwing them all" Cuckoo "to get their attention.

Sicky and Charlie were born and raised in captivity at the pedagogical park of Saint-Nectaire, in the Puy de Dôme, in contact with the public, which explains their ease in the presence of humans. It can jump up to 1.80m in height, but it will be lucky to see them accomplish this feat when we know that this species is between 70 and 90cm.

Annabel Walker

(The wallabies enclosure is located on either side of the Vorey gate. / Photo @DR A.W.)

The Bennet wallaby

The explanations of the pedagogical park of Saint-Nectaire:
The difference between kangaroos and wallabes is the same as between horses and ponies. Zoologically speaking, the animals are identical. Only size differentiates them. To generalize a little, the smallest are the wallabies and the biggest kangaroos.
The wallaby is a very rustic kangaroo and it can withstand very low temperatures, down to -30 ° C.
With the man, the kangaroo is one of the rare animals to like confrontation and more exactly boxing. Even if the blows are not worn, we fight between young people to let off steam, we fight between couples (to say that we love each other) and boxing also between rival males.
Kangaroos are herbivores. They spend 7 to 10 hours a day at their lunch (early in the morning, and late at night).

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