New labs and greenhouse at Bishop's University


The project, launched in January 2018, is valued at $ 9.3 million. It includes new chemistry labs, a new greenhouse, study areas and enhanced safety.

Kerry Hull, the acting vice-dean of arts and sciences at Bishop's University, said the Johnson building was old and that modernization was needed. The labs were no longer safe and the greenhouse was small and difficult to use.

To make science, you have to have modern facilities. Science changes all the time.

Kerry Hull, Acting Deputy Dean of Arts and Sciences, Bishop's University

The greenhouse has been renovated and with its 4.5 meter ceilings, it is possible to grow several species, including hops that are used in the program in brewing sciences. The greenhouse, located on the roof of Johnson's Building, was designed to meet sustainable development goals. Opaque curtains have been installed to reduce light pollution. No pesticides or insecticides are used and all the fertilizers are organic.

The greenhouse on the roof of the Johnson Pavilion.

With significant investment, the Johnson Roof Roofhouse has been revamped.

Photo: CBC / Mélissa Fauteux

Inside the greenhouse.

The hops used by brewing science students are grown in the Bishop's University greenhouse

Photo: CBC

Geneviève Levasseur, a laboratory technician in biology and biochemistry at the university, participated in the design of the new premises. She stressed that the period of adaptation to the new facilities is continuing. For example, this summer the greenhouse was struggling with aphid problems. A challenge that has proven to be a learning opportunity for students, who appreciate working on concrete problems.

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