new arrests of prodemocracy parliamentarians on the eve of a banned protest


Jeremy Tam and Au Nok-hin were arrested for "obstruction of the police," according to their Civic Passion party. A deputy of the same party, Cheng Chung-tai, had already been arrested earlier on Friday.

The tension is highest since the beginning of the dispute in Hong Kong. Two new pro-democracy parliamentarians were arrested late Friday, August 30, announcing their party, Civic Passion. Arrests bringing to three the number of deputies in the hands of the police. Associations denounce an attempt to muzzle opposition, after the ban on a major demonstration Saturday.

Jeremy Tam and Au Nok-hin were arrested for "obstruction of the police"said the party on his Facebook page. Earlier, on Friday, and for the first time since the beginning of the mobilization in June, a deputy, Cheng Chung-tai, had also been arrested, according to Civic Passion.

Other figures of the pro-democracy movement were also arrested on Friday. Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow, aged 22 and very popular in the protest, were arrested at dawn, especially for "incitement to participate in an unauthorized gathering". Released on bail, the two activists have indicated their intention to continue the mobilization

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