New analyzes in five schools of the diocese requested by the LRA


fire Notre-Dame de Paris (Archives) – ISA HARSIN / SIPA

Five schools of the Diocese of Paris are concerned. The Regional Agency of
Health (ARS) of Ile-de-France recommended Friday new lead detection tests following the
fire of Notre-Dame de Paris. It should be noted that the rectorate immediately asked for the postponement of the new school year in these institutions.

The ARS estimated in a statement that samples taken in these private schools following the Notre Dame fire were not enough.

Inadequate withdrawal volumes

Following this report, the Rectory of Paris, after informing the diocesan authorities, "request the postponement of the new school year in the following schools: Sainte-Catherine (5th), Sainte-Clotilde (7th), Saint-Jean -Gabriel (4th), St. Thomas Aquinas (7th), Saint-Victor (5th) pending all the institutions concerned present the required guarantees of safety ".

The examination of the samples "shows that, for Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Clothilde, Saint John Gabriel and Saint Victor, the methodology used in the analysis reports (…) concerning the interior spaces does not allow to make an assessment as to the reality of exposure to lead: insufficient sampling volumes, inaccurate location, inadequate quantification limit value, "noted the ARS.

In the Sainte-Catherine school, "the values ​​found in the rooms accessible to the children are for some high". "The average of the observed values ​​is above the threshold of 70μg / m²" and "a screening test is recommended".

"Degraded paints" containing lead must be the subject of works and "new cleaning reinforced and new analyzes" be implemented. Concerning the Saint-Victor school, a high value of lead has been identified in a space of an outdoor courtyard, and a screening test is recommended. This yard will have to remain inaccessible as long as it has not been cleaned, recommends the ARS.

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