Nabilla defends her future boy against Thomas's homophobic remarks


Thomas Vergara has published a video in which he discusses with Nabilla their future unborn boy. But now, the future dad is making comments to the limit of homophobia saying he does not want his son to look like Bilal Hassani. Fortunately, Nabilla defends her future boy.

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara are expecting their first child, a little boy. The former star of reality TV regularly shares with her subscribers the progress of her pregnancy and the pictures of her belly. This time, it is Thomas Vergara who posted on his Snapchat account a video in which he appears alongside Nabilla. But now, the future dad skidding.

On this video, become viral, Thomas Vergara films Nabilla who tells the story of her dream, in which she gives birth to their boy: "when he came out – I was with my mother – he came out at once. It was too weird, I did not even force it. And, like, he had a girl's head with a little girl's barrette, eyes like you, green, but girl with lots of eyelashes. And, like, I said, 'But, it's a girl? And my mother said, "No, he's got a little zizi.". "

What Thomas answers to him: "Ah, she dreamed that he was a girl but with a little ziziBefore moving on to "TI thought it was Bilal Hassani my son actually"A sentence certainly gone out quickly but contains a very uncomfortable homophobic subtext.

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Fortunately, Nabilla – a priori embarrassed by the words of her husband – takes the defense of her child: "You're mean. Yeah, even if it's a Bilal Hassani, I'll like it anyway". Thomas Vergara does not budge. We hear it add "no no no". But Nabilla persists and signs affirming loud and clear: "I will love him even more".

The video quickly went around the social networks and Bilal Hassani replied: "Nabilla I love you but Thomas it was not very nice". To calm the game in view of many comments outraged by Internet users, Nabilla was keen to express himself on his Twitter account: "He joked of course, he will love her more than anything in the world. Health above all, the rest is futility".

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