Murder season 5: Murder, disappearances and revelations in the final (spoilers)


A look back at the finale of season 5 of How to Get Away With Murder, which is revealing and throwing the mystery of the next season. Spoilers.

Since his prison cell, Jorge Castillo continues to put the bazaar? This is a question we have often asked ourselves during this season 5. In the penultimate episode, we learned that it was not Emmett Crawford who visited Nate Sr., but Xavier Castillo, the Laurel's brother, who is only a low cost version of their father. Honestly, Xavier comes out of nowhere, we did not even remember he existed. However, his shenanigans have very serious consequences.

Since the death of Nate Sr., we were waiting to finally know the true leader. The final answers the question. It was not Miller who sponsored the murder of Nate Sr., but that's what Bonnie and Nate believe because Annalize does everything to appease their guilt.

This is obviously the bad Governor of the season and she is related to Xavier. Miller tried to play Xavier to avoid the death of Nate Sr. but he missed his shot. Xavier is the person who ordered the murder with the complicity of the Governor.

At the end of the episode, Laurel disappears and baby Christopher too. The first thing that comes to mind is a kidnapping of his brother's hands. However, if we take a step back, we wonder if Laurel did not orchestrate herself with her son. We hope that season 6 will respond. And it would not be Murder without a murder at the end. Unless it's a heart attack, Emmett seems to have been poisoned and dying in his office, not far from Tegan who does not suspect anything. Who is responsible for this death and is Tegan involved or targeted?

The Castillo in the center

For a while, Laurel's dysfunctional family has been causing problems for Annalize and the group. The young woman is thus caught between two fires with on one side her blood family and on the other her heart family. The series continues to address recurring themes such as loyalty. Is Laurel loyal to her friends or is she as selfish and bad as the rest of her family?

We come back to this about the innate and the acquired. Are we born bad or do we become one? How did the people who raised us influence us? Apart from all these murder stories, the series really draws on these themes. She constantly questions the connections between the different characters and tests their loyalty.

A frustrating season

What we regret all the same with this final is how Xavier Castillo takes the place. As a viewer, it was impossible to think that was an important part of the puzzle. Obviously, the writers are trying to surprise but Xavier is a frustrating character. It's almost a facility to get out of this business and try to make sense of the events of the same season if he is connected to the Governor.

Even if the series is not really what it was and the season 5 was a bit of a bazaar, the final gives answers (except for the mother of Laurel, we still do not know exactly what happened to him) and ask other questions. Clearly, the dramatic tension is not as strong as it was during the first few seasons, but it's enough to keep you going and make you want to know what's next. Because we want to know what happened to Laurel and we want to know who poisoned Emmett. The series knows how to keep its viewers even if it annoys them.

Nothing is finished

This season 5 is also back on stories of season 1 by revealing that the FBI knows things, probably more than what the group thinks. All that has happened since Sam's death is not really behind them, they will continue to have to handle the situation to avoid ending up in jail. Is it possible for the Keating 4 (and Oliver) to get out of there unharmed? Can they fall through the cracks? So far, they are doing well but the road is not over and things will not be easy.

There is also of course the story with Gabriel and his mother who is far from settled. He is still searching for answers about Sam's death and the series is implanting seeds for the rest of his story. Gabriel was not necessarily the most interesting character but his presence pushing others into their entrenchments, including Michaela who finally decided to do some research on her biological parents. This led Connor and Oliver to discover the identity of Michaela's father … and of course, Annalize knew him.

For the moment, the series has not yet been officially renewed, which means that the rest is not certain. It would be a shame to stay on this cliffhanger with the disappearance of Laurel and her son and all the new questions that come up. This is a risk that the showrunner Peter Nowalk has taken and he must have real confidence in the renewal. It would be cruel on the part of the chain to leave things like this.

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