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Opportunities, goals, two teams of players and suspense to the end: a very good football game to open the sixth day of the championship and Mouscron playing the spoilsports behind the Barracks (2-2).

Satisfied with what he had seen last week, Bernd Hollerbach has logically renewed the base eleven who had quietly dominated Eupen Sunday. With one exception, the appointment of Diogo Queiros. And, just arrived, the young Portuguese defender has already made an impression in the heart of the hennuyère rearguard.

Allagui missed his chance …

But it was the roaring attackers who first stood out 'behind the Barracks'. Sami Allagui could also open the scoring in the first quarter of an hour. First on a perfect opening of Fabrice Olinga, then on a penalty that he himself caused. But the captain mouscronnois did not framed his two five-star opportunities and Mechelen took advantage.

… not from Camargo

Jean Butez, then Diogo Queiroz, however, delayed the deadline by preventing the Malinois to open the scoring, but in the 16th minute of play, Kavé took the advantage on a corner kicked by Rob Schoofs and perfectly taken over by Igor De Camargo at the first post.

Allagui however did not hang out to be forgiven his missed penalty. Ten minutes after the opening goal, the German striker was on the receiving end of a crisp recovery of Olinga to put the two teams tied. But Mouscron did not have time to enjoy, on the throw-in, Vanzeir ideally isolated Onur Kaya, which was the happiness of the Malinois people by crucifying a Jean Butez impotent.

Three goals and a few more chances on both sides … at the end of a lively first half and very pleasant, it is the locals who returned to the locker room with the advantage. And Mechelen could have given the air as soon as the recovery, but the two attempts of Vanlerberghe were repulsed by the defense mousbronnoise. Depressed at the beginning of the second half, the men of Bernd Hollerbach let the storm pass, before slowly finding voice in the chapter.

Hurlus to the endists

… and wait for the last moments to hit. In front of more than 14,000 dumbfounded fans, it was Nathan De Medina who offered an unexpected but well-deserved sharing of Excel Mouscron (2-2). Like last week, Mechelen loupe the opportunity to take the lead in the championship, the two teams share, provisional, second place in the standings with eleven points each.

The composites

Mechelen : Thoelen, Van Cleemput, Peyre, Swinkels, Corryn, Vanlerberghe (Boat, 51st), Schoofs, Kaya, Storm, Vanzeir (Togui, 73rd), De Camargo (Tainmont, 84th).

Mouscron: Bute, Medina, Queiroz, Godeau, Pietrzak, Boya, Hocko (Buatu, 88th), Bakic (Antonov, 72nd), Osabutey, Olinga, Allagui.

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