Mortal accident in Francorchamps: the pilot of F2 Anthoine Hubert dies in a huge crash at the top of Raidillon



The 22-year-old Frenchman had no chance of escaping

Fate struck at the end of the afternoon at Francorchamps. We were in the third round of the F2 event when a terrible crash occurred at the top of the Raidillon.

Originally, it was the son of former F1 champion Jean Alesi, Guiliano, who lost control of his car in the climb of Raidillon. Team Trident's F2 tapped in the top left and came back on the track causing chaos in the still-grouped peloton. To avoid it, Anthoine Hubert hit the rail on the right and came back in the middle of the track. At that moment, Juan-Manuel Correa, thrown at 250 km / h, hit him on the side, at the driver's head, literally cutting his car in half. All that remained was the survival cell of the pink car from BTWArden. But the shock was too violent and left no chance for the poor French hope. The American car was returned a few tens of meters further, the Sauber protégé, conscious, suffering from several fractures to the legs. He is currently hospitalized in a stable state.

The race was instantly interrupted with the red flag. And less than ten minutes later, while the relief was still there, the race management announced that the event would not start again. Which is never a good sign …

A little more than an hour later, we heard the sad news. And what we feared when we saw the violence of the shock was confirmed. Anthoine Hubert officially died at 6:35 pm Brought to the medical center of the circuit, young 23-year-old Lyonnais succumbed to his injuries.

In mourning, the big family of auto sports loses one of its most serious hopes for F1. Sacred in France F4 in 2013, this great friend Pierre Gasly had won the title in GP3 Series last year with ART. Retired in the Renault F1 sector as an affiliated driver, he was 8th in the F2 championship after his two wins at Castellet and Monaco, benefiting from the reverse grid system.

To his family, friends and loved ones, the sports editorial of the Last Hour Sports presents its most sincere condolences.

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